We are looking for Builders and Developers Who Desireā€¦


  • Building More Units per Year
  • Higher Profits without Incurring Higher Costs
  • Fewer Labor Challenges
  • Faster Builds
  • Less Weather Dependency
  • Consistent High Product Quality


Our factory-controlled building process eliminates weather delays, reduces time on site and enables us to deliver homes at a fixed and transparent price in as little as 60-90 days—helping you turn your land into profit sooner.
We are looking for builders and developers who are interested in more sales per year. 
Builders and Developers who cooperate with us are able to

Build and Sell More Units per Year

You may be able to offer more units per year by carrying our product, while you continue to maximize your ability to build homes as you always have done. Imagine you could double the number of houses per year without actually hiring any new staff, without more work, and ...

Higher Profits without Incurring Higher Costs

You build the foundation and develop the site. When you are done with the foundation, we deliver the house in segments on regular size trucks and our crews assemble to the house. You will profit of our structure without any additional costs.

Fewer Labor Challenges

Good labor is often difficult to recruit in fast growing northern markets and while your work force is maxed out, you can still offer more builds with the help of our assembly crews.

Faster Builds
Instead of tying up finances for the traditional building season, our homes are ready to close in as little as 60-90 days. This gets you ready for another building cycle before the summer ends.

Less Weather Dependency

We all know what damage and delays (together with additional costs) weather can cause. Indoor manufacturing eliminates most of them.

Consistent High Product Quality
It is now widely accepted that climate controlled indoor manufacturing delivers a higher quality product. Consumers appreciate having a structure that is consistently highest quality.  Manufacturing Process
Our homes are CSA A277compliant, meeting local R codes and regulations. For any technical and regional details please contact us directly.
But foremost, because of our cost saving processes, there is plenty of profit margins left to make cooperation with us a very attractive business venture.