How We Save You Money And Deliver A Better Home…
…Indoor Fabrication and Superb Engineering Giving You Choices and Quality
Conventional on site building processes with lumber carry too many variables. The quality is inconsistent, the measurements are imprecise, in fact there is hardly a wall that is squared. Wood continues to move, construction workers have inconsistent skills, the weather may challenge the process, materials are exposed, and the entire building takes from 6 to 12 months to complete. 
Nobody assembles cars in your driveway… why would you want your house built that way?
LD Superior Homes are factory built to customer specifications leaving you the choices of a traditional custom construction combined with the precision, speed, and cost efficiency of an assembly line. We use steel frames, known for their precision, durability, and inertness, then insulate and equip your house with the highest quality materials, finishes, fixtures, and even appliances …   all to your choice … and then everything will be ready for you to move in within 3 months after placing your order. LD Superior homes work with levels of design and construction sophistication that will exceed all your expectations.

Our modular homes are also protecting our environment. Our indoor manufacturing processes allow for designs that reduce material loss and unnecessary on site transportation. We also reduce the impact on the building site and the surrounding community, by sending a few regular sized trucks to complete the building.

And because our houses are modular factory built, they comply with CSA A277 Certification Standard. This Standard is used to certify the building is in compliance to the building code of the Canadian jurisdiction where the building will be sited.