Our Models
Our homes are inspired by the sturdiness of seaworthy shipping containers. Manufactured from steel under strict indoor quality management, our homes are built just as rigid as these containers, with insulation, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, flooring, cabinets, fixtures, simply everything already firmly installed under climate controlled factory conditions.

Our patent-protected process allows for cost efficient building of single family homes, townhouses, and small apartment buildings up to four floors. Even mixed use buildings with offices /retail downstairs and apartment upstairs are no problem.  We design our structures with the garage included, but freestanding garages with and without coach-houses, or underground parking are possible. Many other prefabricated houses are limited by the size of the shipping container and therefore have limitations as per room size and ceiling height. Our patented process allows for any customization.
Houses built with steel frames don’t move in an earthquake or tornado, they act as a lightning shield, are fire resistant, termite proof, withstand frost heaving, and are better insulated without thermal bridges, saving you energy and insurance costs. We are utilizing offsite, lean manufacturing techniques to produce homes in less time, with less waste, and higher quality control compared to traditional site-built construction.